Fire Cirkl BeveragesBeverages

Fire Cirkl is currently producing braggots-a style of mead made from a combination of malted grain and honey. Its origin is believed to have come about as the result of resourcefulness.

Honey is rare and expensive compared to other forms of sugar, and as demand for it increased over the years, its cost went higher and availability declined. By adding sugars derived from malted grain to the fermentable solution, our ancient ancestors made their honey resources go farther.

A by-product of this is the production of a family of beverages-meads-that are delightfully interesting and refreshingly complex in character. They are part beer, part traditional mead, part wine, and each is unique. We say "part wine" for like many wines, the yeast introduce esters that come from neither the malt nor honey component of the fermentable mixture.

We create our beverages with a high original gravity (high percentage of fermentable sugar) which means they have comparatively high alcohol content and will age well.